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Here is a brief review of some of the apprenticships out there. Union will be the hardest but it is the best course of action. 


To start at a JATC you will need to interview and be indentured in your local jurisdiction. A union ticket will get you work anywhere, anytime. Union utility companies offer in house NJATC apprenticeships as well.


 This is a non-union apprenticeship sanctioned by the DOL. It is around 5 steps then you are a B-Lineman, then you become an A-Lineman. This is not recognized by the IBEW, but you can test in to an IBEW Lineman.


There are a few different types of apprenticeships that are company based. Some company based apprenticeships are tied to the IBEW and completion of their program results in a an IBEW recognized Card. Other companies have no IBEW ties or DOL of labor ties. they only give you certification for this company that cannot be transferred outside of that company.

Union vs Non Union

This is mainly location based. Some states are 100% union (west coast) and others in the south are not very union friendly. Circumstances for everyone are different and not all allow you to join a union. Either way working in this trade is rewarding but always remember to look out for yourself and make educated decisions before committing to something. 

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