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Here are a few certifications that starting out will help you stand out amongst the crowd. There are a few that are not optional when being in this career. Those being a Class A CDL and CPR/First aid. These certificates are required to becoming a lineman. 

Certificates to hold as a Line Hand

Below are a few certificates that you will need to become a Line Hand. The more certificates you hold, the more marketable you are to a company. 

Unrestricted Class A CDL

This is by far your most important certification you can hold. If you cant drive the vehicles of the trade you are not going to go anywhere. This means staying sober, not getting DUIS, and keeping your driving record clear. 

CPR/First Aid

CPR/first aid is another one that is non-negotiable in the trade. This is dangerous work and  hope you never need to use this training but when you need to save someone this training will be needed to safely and effectively.  


The 10-hour class is intended to provide workers with awareness of common job-related safety and health hazards. Most employer require this to set foot on their job sites. Its best to keep it updated and concurrent. 


OSHA 10 T&D is for Transmission and Distribution. This is safety specific to the Line trade and is also one certificate that most employers require for employment. 

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