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This will be a brief overview of some tools an apprentice should always carry as well as some information on what tools you will see in the trade daily. Remember to always look after your tools as they are what make you your money. 



Klein Pliers

These are essential to your everyday as an apprentice. You will always be expected to have a pair of these in your pocket along with a roll of black tape. Those 2 items should never leave your pockets 


Climbing belt

This is typically a double D ring belt. A lot of people use  Buckingham but there are other brands out there. These are the belts you use to climb wooden poles. They are your bread and butter for being in the trade. 


Fall Protection

This is what keeps you attached to the pole. You have a primary belt and a secondary belt. Both are essential to climb a pole (unless you ask an old timer). Most companies provide your primary belt as it is a safety device. 


Money Gun 

This is a Milwaukee 7/16 hex bit drill. You will use this in your everyday work. Tightening bolts to drilling holes. Remember to always keep your battery charged or you will catch some hell. 



These are what go on your feet to actually let you climb a pole. They are just as important as your belt. 



This is a rope with a block on it. It is used to send items and equipment up and down the pole. It is also in a worst case scenario a life saving device. Learn how to store these properly as your life may one day rely on it. 

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