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Types of Lineman

Below is a brief description of the different types of lineman. Do more research into what meets your goals.

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Contractors, often times referred to as tramps, JL, or Journeyman in the electrical industry. Their work ethos typically involve long hours and frequent travel requirements. They are the ones who respond in force to storms. A Journeyman ticket from the IBEW grants you the opportunities to travel anywhere you want in this trade. A typical work schedule for a tramp is 5-7 days a week at 10-12hrs a day.

Utility Lineman

Utility work is typically tied to a service area. Utility Lineman traditionally work 5 days a week with 8 hours worked. There are some utilities where you are on a call list and your hours can be anytime there is an outage. Utility lineman are the guys who respond when your power is out in a non storm situation. They also focus more on customer work and being more tied to a company than the typical contractor is. 

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