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Are you lost after getting out of the service? Not getting along with normal society? Looking for that camaraderie the service provided? Becoming a Lineman can help fill some of those gaps. It is not perfect but it helped us at Mission Line Hand regain some normal back into our lives. Below we will list some resources for you to look into. 



Veteran Electrical Entry Program: This program is one of the best offers for veterans. It provides all the skills needed to join the trade and mirrors the daily in and outs of the military. This program will pay you to attend and help place you in your desired work area in the JATCs. 

Helmets to Hardhats

This is a placement program that has a lot of resources for vets wanting to join the trades. They also list which programs/apprenticeships that allow you to use your G.I Bill 

DOD Skillbridge

This program is for active duty members. It will help gain vital certifications for the Line trades before you separate. 

Veteran Resources

There are certain programs that allow you to use your GI Bill to supplement some income. It has to be a DOL recognized program to be eligible in most cases. The JATC allow you to use your GI bill while going through their program. 

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